At Moonlight, it’s not only about delivering great results. We also want you to enjoy the journey. Through decades of experience, we have honed our production process and designed an effective road map for producing high-quality work for a broad range of clients.

We’ll guide you through every step, from concept and scripting, to shooting, editing, and distribution. Each phase is aligned with a schedule you approve at the outset, with clearly defined milestones along the way.


Moonlight’s #1 goal on every project is to fully understand your objectives and aspirations for your media project. We really listen to what you want and initiate our creative process based on your needs. Through this method, we learn all about your story, audience, goals and challenges. Concept includes research into your brand, your market and your products. We gather inspirational material that may influence the overall concept of the video. These can be links to existing commercials, videos or print that will inform the style and tone of the production. This is also the time for us to evaluate what your competition is doing so we can differentiate your brand. Armed with this information, we begin to develop a creative concept that will best tell your story and enable you to stand out from the crowd.
Great videos start with great scripts. At Moonlight, we consider the script to be the blueprint, so we pay strict attention to getting each word and scene just right. We always seek feedback, suggestions and guidance from you to make the script tell your story in the most powerful way. After script approval, we create a shot list and shooting schedule to make sure we capture all the sounds and scenes needed for your production.
Once we have a clear creative path, it’s time to begin production. With our HD video equipment, we record the sharpest images with crisp, clear sound. Our gear is portable and self-contained. So, whether the location is across the country or across town, in the middle of a manufacturing floor, or in the middle of the forest, we can go where we’re needed to record just the right shots.
Post Production:
Post-production is the exciting part, where all the creative components come together with narration, music, graphics, and special effects. It’s where you start to feel what the audience will feel. The right voice with the right tone brings your script to life. The right music ensures that your video connects with your audience on an emotional level. High impact graphics punctuate powerful productions. Once post-production is complete, you are invited to our studio for approval. Clients outside the local region may opt to receive a time-coded, password-protected video via the internet for review. Your satisfaction is our goal, so we won’t rest until the production meets or exceeds your expectations!
Whether your video is going directly onto your website or being released at a special event, it must make a splash in social media. We encode your video for the best playback quality possible. We can also help you upload your videos to your own YouTube Channel. Don’t have your own channel? No worries. We can even help design one that holds true to your brand! Whatever your distribution needs, Moonlight can duplicate, label, upload, package and deliver your program. To enable simple, cost-effective updates of your program, we can digitally store your finished production and your unedited footage. When changes occur (and you know they will), we can bring your program online, shoot the new scenes and slip them in seamlessly and economically.